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Farm Update: July

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Oh to be in drought season...

It's HOT out there in East Tennessee these days. Most days are about 95 degrees or above with a heat index of 100 degrees at least! Not to mention the humidity....!

The mosquitoes (AKA prehistoric pterodactyl-sized death creatures) have been terrible in the garden. They like to hide in the field in the tall plants and grasses and attack you while you're harvesting flowers. They can also get you through your clothes. Absolutely horrifying. They're seriously larger than they ever have been before. If anyone has knowledge or secret information about these monsters and can explain why they're so large, please reach out.

On to the pretty things!

So as you can see, our zinnias are doing quite well this season! We loveee the limey zinnias.

Of course they look beautiful on their own or in a bunch!

I'm so stoked that I got into my macro photography this season! Being able to see the intricate details of these inside of flowers is so neat!

Here's an overview of what we've had bloom in the garden so far in July!

Although some flowers are on their way out, like forget-me-nots and scabiosa, we have others rolling in! Lisianthus are as stunning as ever and still impress with their vase life.

The lisianthus ruffles never get old. They're so elegant. If I were a fairy, I would want my fairy dress to be made of lisianthus petals.

And your napping cat update for the month of July:

Here's Whisper looking moody as ever in the garden. He likes the outside world once he gets out there but it takes a lot of convincing these days. His favorite activities are laying on baby ageratum (as seen below) and rolling in the dirt. Maybe he likes the ageratum because it matches his eyes so perfectly...

Thanks for keeping up with us!



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