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First Buds of the Season


This has been a looong winter. I think a lot of you flower-lovers will agree with that.

It's been wet, gloomy, cloudy, rainy, soggy.....

But now, what you've all been waiting for.....

The First Real Buds of the Season are here!!

Of course, I jumped on the opportunity to photograph any signs of life in the field.

These pictures were taken the week of March 8th.

I decided to make a bouquet of all the pretty things blooming in the yard that week.

Daffodils, peach tree blossoms, and crab apple foliage make for the perfect early spring bouquet!


Now a word on our current world situation...

It's been a strange year so far with everything going on. I live closer to Knoxville than my parents do, which means a denser population of people.

This also means more difficulty social distancing. A new term for me.

At first I was upset and thought I couldn't leave my apartment. And that unfortunately is the case in some parts of the world right now. I can't imagine how those people are feeling.

Now that it's been a week or so that we have been quarantining, I've learned I have to be creative with how I spend my time (while also being safe and limiting the number of people that I come into contact with.) I've done crafts, learned new games with my roommates, online schoolwork, organized my photos, gone for runs, and journaled.

But when I want to get out of my apartment, I head home.

I still practice social distancing, of course. But it seems easier out in the country.

People are already spaced out. Room to breathe, room to think, room to be creative. It feels refreshing to be home out in the field. Six feet apart in the field is no problem. Mom and I still carry on a conversation while I weed a row of bells-of-Ireland and she plants lisianthus a few rows over.

Work on the farm hasn't slowed. This pandemic hopefully will not stop us from getting our flowers from our field to you. We're trying to come up with creative alternatives than our normal pop-ups at Wildlove. (we miss you guys!)

For me, flowers can change my entire day. They can brighten up a room even when the outdoors are gloomy or the news is overwhelming. Praise the Lord for flowers.

We can't wait until our flowers are brightening up your days! We will have choices on our new "Buy Our Flowers" page soon!

Thank you for asking about our flowers and sticking with us through this difficult season.



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