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Gemma & Jillian Norris Dam Tea Room Wedding

Late Winter/ early Spring weddings are interesting for a exclusively seasonal and locally grown floral designer.

So why do I do it?

This is why:

These colors, scents, and textured are unmatched.

Honestly, having that many daffodils together can be overwhelming. The scent kind of gives me a headache sometimes. But, it's a happy headache knowing that the source is from the garden instead of chemicals.

The crabapple is almost the signature scent of spring in my mind. It reminds me of my childhood, running around in the front yard and climbing trees, picking tulips and grape hyacinths from underneath the lilac bush. In fact, I climbed the tree that these blooms came from SO much growing up. Now I'm designing with the branches. That's pretty neat, isn't it?

When the trees are in full bloom, you can smell them from a mile away. As you get closer, you realize the tree is humming, and as you get even closer to investigate, you realize it's alive with bees!

We purchased some ranunculus and tulips from Rainbow Roots since theirs bloomed earlier than ours! Aren't the little yellow butterfly ranunculus adorable? As always. I enjoyed making these little boutonnieres. I thrive with detail work so making bouts is something I really enjoy.

I also enjoy making the bridal bouquet!

To some florists, it's more stressful for them to design the bridal bouquet since it will be photographed the most out of any of the wedding floral design.

Despite this pressure, I LOVE designing bridals. Again, there's a lot of detail involved since I want every stem to be perfectly in position and in pristine condition. For this reason, I devote a lot of time to designing bridals in case I need it. For this bouquet, I worked on it, gave it some rest time in water to rehydrate, and then came back to it with fresh eyes and added some final touches. Jillian and Gemma wanted it to be as colorful as possible and I wanted to make sure I delivered on that request!

These photos of my flower installations and the galleries below were captured by Leah Moyers Photography! It was a beautiful spring day for a celebration!

There was so much love present on their special day. They were so generous, they gave us pie to take home with us. Jillian and Gemma, we want you to know we enjoyed that pie SO much! They even invited us to the after party with them. Unfortunately, we were exhausted and didn't go party with the cool kids. We hope you had the best time though!

Thank you for trusting us to flower your event!


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