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Ranunculus Pop-up at Wild Love

We had our first pop-up of the season at Wild Love Bakehouse Saturday morning!

We had almost perfect weather while harvesting the ranunculus from the field... you can go check out my previous blog post if you want to go check out some amazing pictures of the ranunculus harvest!

After making bundles of ranunculus, we loaded up the van. Thanks to the cloudy skies and cool weather, they held their tight little buds!

Although Saturday started out rainy, the ranunculus were the perfect thing to make the day brighter.

We're so thankful to be able to set up at Wild Love Bakehouse when we have special flowers like these ranunculus. They prefer the cooler weather of spring so they won't last very long. We think they'll stick around for Easter weekend and maybe be on their way out around the beginning of May.

Another reason we love Wild Love... the baked goods!! If anyone reading this has not experienced the goodness of the pastries and other goodies this place has to offer, you literally need to stop reading and go right now. Go and get a pastry and a drink and then come back and settle in and start reading again. I think it's a great plan! You may have to clean some crumbs up from your laptop afterwards but it will be so worth it!! Oh and of course, let me show you some enticing pictures of some of the baked goods they offer...

If you're lost and don't know what to try first, I personally love the lemon olive oil cake, peanut butter oat bar, and Mom says the almond croissants are amazing. I also love myself a simple iced coffee, and I've recently discovered the iced matcha miel. Mmmm. It's such a pretty green and is my weekend splurge during the semester.

This place is actually one of my favorite places to go and study during the school year, and I know many other students will say the same thing. It's super cute and bright and airy and they have plants. They also have a glass wall where you can peep into the kitchen to watch them prep and bake their goodies.

I'm actually one of those people who discovers a favorite item and gets that almost every time I go back to that place, so I definitely need to try more goodies here. What a great excuse to visit again!

Special thanks to Meg for allowing us to pop up at her bakery! We're so thankful!

If you missed us at our pop-up yesterday, keep checking instagram for updates on other opportunities to get your hands on some ranunculus!


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