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Oh it's been such a pretty fall.

I wrote about it in my last post...but I might have changed my favorite season to fall.

The dahlia season has caught us a little by surprise. It's been beautiful!

The blooms have been relatively insect bite free. Some of the dahlias are dinner plate size! Others are round and cute and compact. It's a beautiful variety.

I keep thinking it's going to be the last harvest... and then more blooms keep coming.

If only this could continue through the whole winter!

One of my most looked-forward to events in the garden is "the big harvest." We pick a whole bunch of flowers and I get to do a ginormous flower shoot and it's an absolute dream. Mom is very patient with my photography directions. She cooperates because she knows how much joy this brings me though.

Sometimes the armful shoot happens when a flower is phasing out in the garden. Or during the middle of the summer when we have a huge bounty of flowers. Or, when it gets closer to real cold weather, we'll probably do a final sweep of the garden before the first frost hits.

Millie has been enjoying the dahlia patch immensely. She frolics through the garden and gets distracted playing with roots and bugs. It's wonderfully entertaining.

She also loves hiding in the dahlia patch under the foliage...and then come and attack our feet! She's crazy energetic. We love her.

Tux is slowly becoming more friendly. I convinced him that I was a friend one day when I was feeding him and he let me get real pets in. He still tends to observe our activities from the edges of the garden. Which is fine. Any kitty company is good company!

Maybe when the winter comes and he's cold he'll warm up to us!

Dahlias are a stunning flower, but they tend to have a vase life on the shorter side. Their stems seem to cloud up the water rather quick; as with any cut flowers, you will want to change the water daily to encourage them to last as long as possible!

I recently had the opportunity to make a bouquet for a dear photographer friend for a styled shoot. She gave me creative freedom and the creative collaboration turned out beautifully!

I have a few sneak peaks of what the prep and the bouquet-making, but I am still waiting for the final photo gallery!



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