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The first signs of life

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

finding color around the farm

Welcome to the blog! I have a passion for photography, capturing small moments that could easily be passed by, and I'm so excited to show you the farm from my point of view. Here I'll be updating you on the happenings on the flower farm. You can look forward to pictures of behind the scenes in the field, planting, napping cats, and just everything around the farm that makes my heart glow.

The farm in february:

The winter months can be brutal sometimes for a flower farmer. My family definitely has colorful personalities, and the lack of fresh flowers can take a toll on the mood. Right now, our hands are busy in soil planting seeds and making sure they grow with plenty of water, light, and love. It's very encouraging to see the little plants sprouting through the soil.

We have volunteer daffodils blooming around the yard. These little patches of daffodils have been here ever since I was little; I remember dressing for the cold and trekking out looking for that bright yellow in the otherwise gray landscape. I was also excited and very proud to come back with a huge handful of flowers, the first bouquet of the year, and cut them down to size and arrange them. Also popping through the leaves are Lenten Roses. Again, the patch of these have been in our yard ever since I can remember.

In addition to picking the first flowers, we are busy doing dirty work and setting up for the warmer months. I'm so thankful that I've started to learn to embrace the cold and layer up in order to go outside on those colder days. The only thing that still gives me trouble is that cold winter wind! So excited that the days are only getting longer!

And, of course, I had to leave you with a couple of napping cat photos...

Thanks for checking out our new blog. Stick with us to see how our season is going!


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