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Maple Grove Estate Wedding

This was my first solo onsite wedding ever. It was amazing.

I had been waiting on July 2nd for months: planning, emailing, daydreaming...

In the week leading up to the wedding, I just wanted to start because the anticipation was killing me. When Wednesday finally came, I was ready for showtime.

We picked up whimsical cosmos and white scabiosa from Little Mountain Flower Farm.

We also snagged gorgeous white dahlias, fragrant mountain mint, and veronica from Sevier Blumen. The rest of the flowers were from our fields and personal gardens.

Getting a request for a mostly white wedding in July is a little daunting. In high summer, there's nothing but color in the fields: yellow and orange rudbeckia, jewel-toned strawflowers, pink and purple lisianthus, and bright purple and red scabiosa. Like I said, not a lot of white. But I said yes to this wedding because I knew I could make it work... I just needed to get creative!

The bride requested mostly green and white with hints of softer colors. Between our flower field, personal gardens, and fellow local growers, I think it turned out beautifully. Everything had a very light and airy feel. "It's got that wildflower look," as people like to say. I'm proud of that look. It's what feels most natural to me and gives each flower her moment to shine.

Boutonnieres are one of my favorite parts of the floral design. I think it's the tiniest, most tedious detail work I enjoy the most for some crazy reason. But look how cute they are! The ribbon from Honey Silks somehow matched the rose gold hydrangea that I found in the garden absolutely perfectly. One thing I love about them is that you can save the cutest little floral finds to highlight in the bouts. Poppy pods and flower buds are some of my favorites to feature. If you ask me to do your wedding florals, don't be surprised when I deliver your boutonnieres and corsages in reused tomato and berry containers; I take my sustainability degree very seriously!

Each bridesmaid bouquet I made made me smile. Something about feverfew and cosmos together is so whimsical. The aisle markers were basically boxes full of magic. We added even more taller Queen Anne's lace when we got to the venue to make them extra special.

The bridal bouquet is in my top 5 favorite things I've ever created. I was extremely patient with myself and did not rush my creative process when putting together the bridesmaid and bridal bouquets. That was key for me. I also kept reminding myself to loosen my grip on the stems and keep adding height and depth for interest. I never thought I would be so happy with a white bridal palette!

Bridal bouquets used to be so intimidating to me. Now I just consider them more of a puzzle to see how all my favorite flowers can fit together in order to let each of them shine in their own way.

The wedding day itself could not have gone more smoothly. I'm so thankful I have a friend who loves flowers and is willing to spend her Saturdays helping me out. We packed our cars strategically and we must have done a good job since nothing spilled. We were able to keep the flowers air conditioned, complete the bud vases, and build an arch installation with time leftover to do cake flowers!

Even though there was thunder rolling in the distance, the rain held off for the wedding day!

I'm so thankful to have been a part of this wedding and have Kelsey and Sam trust me with their wedding florals. (She was a sustainability major too!)

Here's some behind the scenes photos to enjoy!

Thanks for following along on our journey!


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