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The Flower Farm on Film

Every once in a while, I like to show some of my film!

This is the first year I'm going to be able to document the flower season completely on film and I am quite excited. All these beautiful garden shots were all taken this Spring.

Film forces me to think more about each shot I take. With my digital camera, I can take as many pictures as I need. Most of the time that means I take too many pictures. . .after all these years I'm still obsessed with flowers and it shows in the number of pictures I take. But they're just so dang pretty.

The start to the season was a little unusual. We worked hard to cover ranunculus buds and stock when the temperatures dipped below freezing. Once again, the voles weren't on our side either.

But look at these beautiful blooms we got!

And of course, the kitties are out here helping us as always. One of our original kitties, Whisper, doesn't get outside as much as he used to, but he ventured out to the garden to look majestic on this particular day.

If you haven't seen Tuck around before, he's my new kitty. He's a rescue from Young Williams. He loves being outside, although we try our best to make sure he doesn't get any birds. He's best friends with Millie, the white cloud kitty who is partially blind.

And these were just what I've captured on film so far. Although we're still waiting for the season to explode, we've already had a fun time with the ranunculus.

Thanks to everyone who supported us and bought local flowers already this season!

And to our brides and farmers' market-goers, we can't wait to see you!

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