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2020 in Flowers: a look back over the season

So 2020 is over.

2020 was. a. year.

To be honest, I've forgotten how the year started. I don't remember learning that we weren't going to have our traditional farmers' market in Market Square. I barely remember setting up the online shop here on the website.

What a strange "new normal."

But we can't forget the flower season, can we? It was too beautiful to be forgotten.

In order to brighten up your January, we're doing a look back on our favorite moments from the flower farm!

Early March

Although a lot has to happen before some flowers begin to bloom in March, this is where we begin! The pops of color after winter are a welcome sight and I usually go a little crazy photographing them.

Tulips, daffodils, crabapple blooms, and linten roses brighten up the early Spring.

Not all of these are great cut flowers. In the winter though, I'll do anything to bring fresh flowers in the house!

** As far as daffodils go, they need to be the only type of flowers in a vase.

Late March

The flowers in the field get a little more colorful as our poppies and ranunculus start to bloom.


This is the month when we finally get to see some true fruits of our labor in the field! The much loved ranunculus that come on slowly suddenly explode.

When we have enough flowers to make bouquets, the fun begins!


Oh what a fun month. May finally feels like we're in the swing of things.

Typically this would have been the month where we started at Market Square for the farmers' market. But, instead, we became familiar Mary Costa Plaza. A little different but still thankful to be able to set up and sell to people who needed flowers to brighten up their days.


And finally, a look at some summer flowers!

We're only in February now but the flowers will be in full bloom before we know it!

Stay tuned for our first Spring blog post hopefully in March!

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1 Yorum

02 Mar 2021

Can't wait for RANUNCS!!! Great pictures! Last year was a beautiful one

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