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Ah. Dahlias.

What do you think of when you think of them?

Cool weather? Leaves starting to turn and fall?

It hasn't exactly been easy to grow them this season with some extremely hot temperatures and lack of rainfall... thanks Tennessee.

However, with Mom's diligent watering we have gotten some pretty GORGEOUS blooms.

The warm corals are my absolute favorite... They remind me of the ranunculus crop in the Spring. It's kind of a way to come full circle; ranunculus as our first true crop of the season and dahlias as our last.

As you can see, part of the field has been cleared. The stark contrast between the dusty field and the vibrant dahlias says it all- our season is coming to a close.

Once we clear everything that we planted, all we'll have left to enjoy will be the wildflowers: golden rod, asters, ironweed, sweet autumn clematis.

We will enjoy them while they last!

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