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Lisianthus: The elegant beauty of late summer

It's now September and our official flower-selling season is over.

When we walk through the garden it has a late summer feel, the evening light is a bit different than high summer, and the fall wildflowers pop-up around the edges of the flower rows.

Now all we have are memories of the July and August humidity and photographs to see that the magic really did happen!

Here's a look back at one of our favorite crops: Lisianthus.

Lisianthus have an amazing vase life.

People at the farmers' market often ask if they're roses.

The bright green baby buds next to the bright colors of the flowers make for an amazing combination. I think our lisianthus started in early July and lasted until early August. We're so sad they're gone!

We especially have a crush on the mini lisianthus...who wouldn't? I feel like any flower in mini would be adorable...

Are lisianthus one of your favorites?

Check back in on the blog to see more summer memories and photos!


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