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The Ranunculus Harvest

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

I feel like the first 12 days of April have been an absolute BLUR.

Suddenly, I mean really suddenly, everything is turning green.

And I'm so excited.

This also means that the ranunculus are HERE so prepare yourselves for beautiful photo overload on the blog and instagram! I mean, just look at these guys...

Oh, but hang on. I know they're stunning in the field and just by themselves, but the real magic happens when the harvest begins. I honestly cannot decide what I like better: bouquets of all one variety/color or everything all mixed together.

But these harvest bundle shots, man. They're knock-you-in-the-face-drop-dead-beautiful. If you have never witnessed me doing my thing with flowers and photography, I get really really excited when I get a shot that I love. And that happens a lot with these babies. A beautiful spring evening with soft sunlight and a big bouquet of flowers and my pretty mama as my model and my camera...? You can bet that that makes me one happy girl.

So of course I have to share some of these shots. Part of the reason this blog makes me so happy is that I finally have an outlet for my photography. Maybe you won't obsess over these photos like I do. But how can you look at these and not smile?

Okay. Just wanted to share some beauty with ya. They're literally little spirals of joy. Ugh. So precious.

If you need some Easter flowers, we're thinking we're going to have a second flush of flowers next weekend! Buying local flowers is a great conversation starter and will look stunning as your centerpiece!

If you've already bought some ranunculus from us, tag us in your photos on instagram and let us see how they make your day brighter! You can find us @napping_cat_ff ! We can't wait to see!


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