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Foothills Parkway Styled Shoot

Oh y'all are in for a treat!

Napping Cat Flower Farm + Wildfire Hearts Photography styled shoot!

My dear friend Emily reached out to me the other day with a need for flowers.

She had a styled shoot scheduled one morning on the Foothills Parkway and needed something to match the mood for her vision.

Emily sent me a beautiful Pinterest board with the dress, makeup, flowers, and all the pretty details of what she planned for the shoot.

But, the thing with Pinterest is that you often don't know where the images come from. For instance, if I see a picture of a wedding bouquet I like on someone's board, I likely have no way of knowing where the flowers were sourced or what the budget was.

I tried to imagine ways I could try and recreate the look she was aiming for and was communicating my ideas to her... and then she said the magic words...

"it's completely up to you...I trust your creative eye."

An artist's favorite words, let me tell ya.

I knew we had all sorts of beautiful dahlias blooming.

She had sent me pictures of relatively neutral bouquets with greens and natural browns...

But I knew these dahlias had to make an appearance somewhere in the bouquet.

I decided on a palette of wine, light pink, natural tones and subtle greens.

The coolest thing is, every single stem in this bouquet was sourced locally!

No flowers were shipped and the carbon footprint was minimal.

Slow and local flowers are always the best option!

The shoot turned out beautifully! The forecast had rain in it for the morning, but it ended up being the perfect cloudy morning to set the tone for a moody styled shoot.

The grasses, ferns, and Queen Anne's lace went so well with the flowy boho dress. Isn't it the dreamiest?

So lovely.

Emily is such a light and I highly recommend reaching out to her if her style matches with your own vision!

Here is a link to her website! All images are hers (except for the bucket of dahlias bc y'all know my style)

I hope you all enjoyed this fun collaboration!

Hopefully there will be many more to come!


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