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Farm Update: April

The last time I posted on the blog it wasn't even spring...but now it is, so HAPPY SPRING!

And now we're even a couple days into APRIL!!

So here's our update:

We finally have some color on the farm. Not that I don't love yellow, but it's nice to have some new blooms to accompany the lonely daffodils in the field.

We have also had the first ranunculus harvest of the season. Some of the ranunculus start out a little stubby, but it's so exciting to walk out to the field and see happy little circles of different shades of pinks, reds, and oranges to break up all the green.

We'll be starting ranunculus pop-ups soon, so look for our post on Instagram!

We've also been doing some important tasks on the farm. I dug dahlia tubers up from the garden a few weeks ago. It's incredible to dig up an alien-looking thing out of the ground and look at it and know that beautiful flowers can come from it. I do believe God has sense of humor. And if you don't agree, please see the pictures of the dahlia tubers below!

Mom has been transferring trays full of seedlings from under the grow lights in the house and planting them in the field. This part is so exciting! Now they get to grow on their own...but also are now at the mercy of the critters of the field.

Peonies are beginning to bud. Bells of Ireland are looking hardy after a strong session of weeding. Delphinium, larkspur, poppies, love-in-the-mist, scabiosa, forget-me-nots, rudbeckia...these are all growing in the field and with the sunshine are growing like weeds. Haha. The weeds are also growing like weeds, but we'll ignore those (and leave them for the honeybees to enjoy) and we'll just focus on the flowers instead!

We have made it through the winter and now the wonders of spring and summer are ahead of us!

I'll leave you with a few happy photos...



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