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Farm Update: June 2020

We're finally transitioning out of spring and into summer flowers!

Not that I don't love spring flowers. I LOVE spring flowers. Ranunculus, larkspur, stock... all the cool weather flowers that are such a relief to see after a long winter.

But now the HOT weather flowers are coming in: sunflowers, scabiosa, yarrow, statice, and so many more. I'm stoked.

So for you curious flower lovers, I'm gonna take you through what's in the garden now!

First up, Sunflowers!

Sunflowers are just stunning. They look amazing in a bundle of all yellow or can be the star in a bouquet.

I love looking at the center of sunflowers to see what variety it is. I also love seeing the birds enjoy the seeds in late summer when the sunflowers are on their way out. You're welcome goldfinches!

Next up, Scabiosa!

Don't let the name scare you away! Scabiosa are not terrifying at all. They are dainty and beautiful! They come in all colors: white, rust, pink, lavender. Some of them form really neat pods. The pop of a rich Scabiosa flower in a bouquet really makes it for me. Sometimes its the perfect little bouncy aspect to finish off a farmers' market bouquet!

Next up is Statice!

Of course, there are different varieties of statice. We tried out a fun new one this year! We've had so much fun putting these in bouquets because they add some height and a fun-factor, plus a pop of pink. I think these will be a keeper for our flower field!

And although they probably won't last...Dahlias!

I repeat: these will probably NOT LAST. Since there is no rain in the forecast and it's expected to be in the 90's next week, we'll have to say goodbye for the dahlias for now.

But I'm going to share pictures anyway because they're too beautiful not to see!

The stems this year are some of the best we've ever had!

We wish these could stay with us for a little longer, and maybe the cool nights will be enough for them to stay, but don't be disappointed if they don't show up in your bouquets any time soon. Don't fret! We have plenty more gorgeous flowers to share with you!

I hope you enjoyed my flower farm update!

Which flowers are you most looking forward to seeing in your bouquets?


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