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Farm Update: Fall 2020

It's fall in East Tennessee and what a stunning fall it is. When people say that fall is their favorite season, I can't agree with them, but only because fall seems so short to me.

I'm partial to summer honestly. I absolutely love fall, but I always feel like right when we're settling in to the cooler and less humid days and chilly nights, suddenly it's winter.

But right now I'm enjoying myself immensely and will enjoy the autumn weather while it lasts.

My roommate and I have decorated for fall, changed the table cloth, and started to make plans to move our porch plants inside when it becomes too cold for them.

Our front yard is covered with leaves and our sidewalk crunches when we walk down it.

I'm finally able to open the windows during the day when it gets cool enough and it makes me so happy to be able to hear all of the outdoor sounds while I'm working inside.

We've already devoured several batches of pumpkin bread and it's only early October.

My bikes rides and runs are glorious with the fall light and when I'm outside, I feel like I never want to be inside again... that is until the sun goes down and it's time to get cozy on the couch and relax.

That's my personal update!

Here's the flower farm update...!

A new kitty showed up on the ranch and she is precious. We've named her Millie.

She's severely visually impaired, but seems to get around spectacularly! She's fearless and follows us into the garden to see what we're up to. (And to bathe and nap of course).

Since she's almost blind, we talk to her a lot to let her know where we are and that she's safe with us!

She's been out on her own for a long time, and we don't know her story or what her previous life was like, but we're doing our best to make sure that she is happy and healthy! We got her spayed because we don't need any kittens...

** the world doesn't need any more kittens either! Shelters everywhere are full of kitties who would love a comfortable forever home. Please spay/neuter your animals!**

As, for flowers, we're still having some pretty dahlias bloom since they enjoy the cool weather, but the flower season is pretty much officially wrapped up. There's also wildflowers still blooming- purple asters, golden rod, and those pretty white daisies- which means a creative bouquet had to be made!

I'm still practicing bouquet-making, but it's a fun creative outlet regardless of the outcome.

I worked at our new work station that a handy friend made for the farm. Millie, who was feeling quite playful, sat down below and decided it would be fun to put her paws up through the slats to try an play with my flower stems I was working with. Gotta love her.

For this creative bouquet, I used dahlias, eucalyptus, ageratum, tansy, and zinnias that were left in the garden. I picked young golden rod and the wild white daises from our un-tamed part of the field (good for habitat!). I also found a single pink rose and some anemones from the beds around the house.

I love doing seasonal and wild "everything but the kitchen sink" bouquets like this. It's not a "perfect"look but it's wild and real and it makes me happy. It makes me even happier to know that everything is seasonal and came from our property. I will always be in favor of local and seasonal flowers whenever I can be!

That's life right now. There's more going on behind the scenes that I will get into in another post! As always, thank you for you supporting us!



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