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Farm Update: Spring 2020

What a strange Spring it has been so far.

Who could have expected the world to change this much in a matter of months? So much uncertainty, fear, and ups and downs. It's been a rollercoaster ride for sure.

I never dreamed that I wouldn't return to school after Spring break. The transition to online classes was surreal. It brought many challenges of having to try and stay organized while receiving what seemed like 100 email updates each day from professors who were scrambling to keep afloat. I was enjoying my GIS class most of all- my professor, class lectures, and most importantly the weekly labs. Getting to work on a guided project during a lab each week was something that challenged me but was so helpful at the same time. The lab computers were equipped with software that is only found on campus. My professor could be over to assist me as soon as I raised my hand. To have all that gone with the decision to close the university was a bittersweet disappointment. The idea of meeting online for classes gave me a weird sense of anxiety. I did my best.

However, this jump to online classes also came with positives. While the loss of in-person classes was upsetting, I gained more time to visit and work on the flower farm. I've never weeded this much before! I've also never been able to witness the slow transition of the farm to Spring. Since my classes were online, I had the luxury of being able to go home when I otherwise would not have been able to and help out. What a blessing! Since my roommate has also been out of work, she has had time to come with me to the farm. It's been so exciting to see her start learning the names of the flowers and sit next to me in the field and talk while we meticulously pull weeds from the garden. We have been able to bond through this time and I'm so thankful for it.

As far as the flower farm goes, it has been a rainy, slow start to the season! Thank you for everyone who has purchased flowers from our new online shop! It has been a neat experience learning about the online store and experimenting with new and creative ways to still deliver flowers to those who want them!

So what's been growing on the farm...?

First, poppies!

Aren't these just stunning? I love their wildness and the fact that they have such as architectural stem. The pastel colors are so happy and spring-like.

Next up, Foxglove!

A certified fairy flower for sure. Foxglove, also known as digitalis, also has beautiful pastel colors and adds height to our Spring mix bouquets!

Also slowly but surely coming in season, Peonies!

Peonies are such a voluptuous, gorgeous flower; there's really nothing else quite like it. Hopefully these will be in full bloom by Mother's Day!

Finally, sweet peas!

These adorable little blooms have knock-out fragrance. They're old-fashioned and can bring back forgotten memories instantly.

We want to give a huge thank you to all of you who have kept up with us during this time! We're so thankful to have amazing supporters who love flowers as much as we do!


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